Dr David Stager: Can Strabismus Among Adults Be Treated Naturally?

Many adults today have been experiencing strabismus, which can be mild and easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses. However, strabismus that persists into adulthood may require surgery (ocular muscle surgery) to correct it.

Some people with adult strabismus chose not to seek treatment, and instead live with their eye misalignment as it causes no problems for them personally — but others may seek natural solutions like chiropractic care to help treat their condition. Dr David Stager will discuss whether or not you can treat adult strabismus naturally.

What Is Strabismus, Anyway?

Strabismus is an eye misalignment condition, which can be present from birth or develop later in life. In some cases, strabismus can actually be treated with glasses. While in others, surgery is necessary to correct the said eye problem. In children with strabismus who have not yet reached their teens, glasses may provide adequate vision correction until they reach adulthood.

However, if you’re already an adult who has been diagnosed with strabismus, and don’t want surgery but does need glasses for optimal vision correction (and aren’t willing to wear contact lenses), then some natural remedies might actually help improve your vision without requiring any eye surgery.

How Do You Know If You Have Strabismus?

First of all, strabismus can cause double vision, where your eyes do not line up with each other and instead cross or turn inward. If this is happening to you, then you should ask someone else if they can see the same thing when they look at you.

Also, if one eye turns out while looking at a distant object (such as the horizon), it is called esotropia. If both eyes turn out together (like an owl), it’s exotropia. And if one eye turns inward toward its nose bridge while looking straight ahead or down slightly (as though squinting), then it’s hypertropia.

Lastly, an eye turn, or crossing that isn’t present when looking at another person face-to-face, could be caused by either a convergent strabismus (where both eyes move outward) or divergent strabismus (where both eyes move inward).

What Causes Strabismus In Adults?

According to Dr David Stager, the cause of strabismus can be due to muscle imbalance or misalignment of the brain and nerves that control eye movement. It can also be caused by certain injuries to the eye, brain, or nerves that control eye movement.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Treat Adult Strabismus?

First, eye exercises can naturally help treat strabismus. This includes squeezing your eyes for five seconds and then relaxing them for another five seconds, repeating this process several times in a row. You can also move your eyes from side to side, as well as up and down, to improve eye coordination and relieve strain on your muscles and ligaments around the eyes.

Aside from that, meditation is also an excellent way to reduce stress in general, which may contribute toward lessening any eye issues, such as strabismus or double vision (diplopia). Meditation involves focusing on breathing patterns while sitting quietly for about 20 minutes per day. However, if this sounds too difficult, then simply taking a few deep breaths whenever possible throughout each day should suffice!