Get Luscious Lips with Lip Tattoos at Minaxi

Luscious lips are the new beauty trend of 2021. From Kylie Jenner to Cardi B, everyone wants to have plump and filled lips. Thanks to the advancements of technology, we no longer need to rely on fillers for a long-term solution to achieve this look. Minaxi offers permanent lip tattoos that give you a fuller, plumper, and more defined lips. Read on to know more about how you can get luscious lips with lip tattoo at Minaxi.

At Minaxi, the certified artists will use a small needle to inject ink into your lips to provide the desired shade, shape, and fullness. You can choose from a variety of shades and shapes to create the perfect pout for your face. The process takes approximately two hours and the artists will do multiple passes to ensure that the ink is evenly distributed for a symmetrical look. The tattoo will settle down for two weeks and then you are left with beautiful and kissable lips for the long haul.

The process is less painful than getting a tattoo on other parts of your body because the lips have a thicker tissue layer and are less prone to bleeding. However, the artists will apply a numbing cream to minimize discomfort. You might experience some swelling, bruising, and tenderness for a few days after the procedure, but these conditions subside after a week. Unlike traditional fillers, permanent lip tattoos have a minimal risk of infections and allergies since the ink used is hypoallergenic and completely safe.

The lip tattoo will fade over time, but that process is gradual. You can touch up your ink every two years to maintain the vibrancy of color and keep your lips looking perfect. We recommend staying away from shaving or waxing hair from the upper lip area for 7-10 days to avoid any disturbance to the freshly tattooed skin. After the treatment, it is essential to keep the skin moist to help the tattoo heal. Apply coconut oil or some other gentle healing balm to your lips for at least a week.


Get heads turning and jaws dropping with luscious and plump lips that last long into the future. With permanent lip tattoo, you can forget those messy and painful fillers and enjoy the beauty of makeup-free lips. At Minaxi, our experts will be with you every step of the way to create the perfect pout for you. Book your treatment today to experience the transformation of your lips!