What types of accidents are possible while driving in a car?

If you drive a car, you should beware of the possible events that could end up in accidents. Although you drive carefully, someone’s mistake could lead to such events. However, you should reach a Stuart car accident lawyer to get help in claiming compensation if you met with an accident. Let us discuss some of the ways your car may face accidents.

Sideswipe accidents

You may have witnessed an accident event where two cars collide from their sides. It will happen mostly due to the loss of control or consciousness of a driver who is driving close to another lane where a car is moving in proximity. As the driver loses his control, he could not follow the same lane and the car would get drifted to the neighboring lane. As another car is moving in that lane already, the two sides of the cars would get impacted. As both are moving at a certain speed, the side impact would also cause a diversion in their movements and could result in damages to both vehicles and the passengers inside them. However, the risks of fatalities would be less in this type of accident. It would be helpful if you use the seatbelt always.

Side-impact collision

Let us assume that you have to stay on the straight road until you reach your destination. However, that road may contain some junctions where vehicles from the countryside would join the main road at times. Although there would be traffic signals and indications at these junctions, we could not be assured that everyone would follow them. So, there are chances when a vehicle from the cross-road of the junction collides with your car while you cross that point. You would have kept straight as the signal is green. However, he would have a misconception of the signal and continued to the main road. Hence, the result would be a collision of the front end of his car on the side of your car. Since the vehicle directly hits the side of your car, the impact would be high. So, the damages that happened to your vehicle would also be high. You may get severe physical injuries and fatalities at times.

Single car accident

You need not get collided with another vehicle to be a victim of an accident. There are several instances where a single car ends up colliding on the structures present on the road like lamp posts, lane dividers, trees, and much more. Usual causes for these accidents would be the interruption of an animal or a human while the car is rushing down the road. Since they come into the road out of nowhere, the car would lose its control and will get collided with something else on the try to get diverted from the interruption. Although the animal of interruption may get escaped, the driver and the passengers could not. The injuries could be severe at times. You can try avoiding fatalities by staying safe with the seatbelts.