Types Of Text Message Platforms

A text message platform refers to a hybrid system consisting of one or more non-shared but centrally controlled applications with SMS capability which can perform many common text message functions and other basic computational functions. The most commonly used text message platforms are the web-based and downloadable versions.

The non-shared ones are usually a part of corporate or business software, which can be used to forward bulk messages and receive payments. The main advantage of the web-based text message platforms over the downloadable or stand-alone ones is cost. Since the applications are not sold along with the mobile phone models they run on, there is no additional charge for the use of the applications.

However, it must also be kept in mind that there are several text message platforms out there in the market and each one claims to be the best. Thus, users need to understand their differences and the requirements so that they can make an informed choice when purchasing one.

A text message platform is generally defined as one or more portable Executable applications with text message capability which can perform several common text message functions and normal computational functions. The platforms are also referred to as application platforms, platform software, or just simply platforms.

The first type of platform used in the past was the dumbwaiter. The platform communicated information from one computer to another by way of a message bus. This could either be a local area network or a Wide Area Network. Today, most people use the internet instead of a bus. However, there are still some industries that continue to use the dumbwaiter approach.

The second kind of platform used in the past was the electronic mail (emails) platform. This is referred to as the text message platform because it is primarily used to send and receive text messages. One can either use this system to send email from the platform or to receive email on the platform.

The third and latest form of platform used to send and receive messages from mobile devices is the Short Message Service (SMS) platform.

Sms online can also be used to send information to mobile phone users if the phone has internet capabilities. A text message platform can use some form of Short Message Service to communicate with a computer using the serial port, USB port, or wireless adapter. The use of other protocols such as infrared, GSM, CDMA, GPRS can be used with some SMS systems.

One type of platform that can be used to run different applications in the embedded platform. This is the most basic form of a text message platform and can be used to run several different application software on a personal computer.