What Happens Prior to the Treatment of Knee Replacement?

  • Your physician will describe the procedure of Knee Replacement Surgery [ผ่าตัด เปลี่ยน ข้อ เข่า, which is the term in Thai] to you as well as use you the chance to ask any kind of inquiries that you might have about the procedure
  • You will be asked to authorize a form that offers your permission to do the treatment. Check out the form carefully as well as ask questions if something is not clear
  • In addition to total case history, your physician might perform a complete physical examination to guarantee you are in healthiness prior to undergoing the treatment. You may undergo blood examinations or various other diagnostic tests
  • Alert your doctor if you are delicate to or dislike any medicines, tape, latex, as well as anesthetic agents, local as well as general
  • Notify your medical professional of all drugs, prescribed as well as over the counter, and natural supplements that you are taking
  • Notify your medical professional if you have a background of hemorrhaging problems or if you are taking any kind of anticoagulant medicines, pain killers, or other drugs that impact blood clots. It may be necessary for you to quit these medicines before the treatment
  • If you are expectant or suspect that you are expectant, you ought to alert your physician
  • You will be asked to quick for 8 hours prior to the treatment, usually after midnight
  • You may receive a sedative prior to the procedure to help you relax
  • You may meet with a physiotherapist before your surgical treatment to talk about recovery
  • Arrange for somebody to assist around your home for a week or more after you are discharged from the medical facility
  • Based on your medical problem, your doctor might ask for various other details prep work

After the treatment

In the medical facility: After the surgical treatment, you will be required to the healing area for monitoring. As soon as your pulse, blood pressure, as well as breathing are secure and your lookout, you will be taken to your hospital area. Knee replacement surgical treatment generally requires an in-hospital keep of several days.