What are the factors to decide while naming a star for your partner?

You would probably know how to name a star after your partner for her special occasion. If you do not, you can do so by reaching out to a star registry that contains a database of all the stars out there in the night sky and registering a star of a specific kind under her name. You will get a certificate for the action that you can present to your partner as a gift. You are naming a star after her. It will definitely make her happy to the core. Although she could not own the star officially, she can be proud that her name is registered as a real-life star somewhere in the registry of stars and on their websites. She can also view the star with the naked eye in the night sky by locating it with the help of the coordinates given. There is an option to locate the star virtually on the application or website of the company. If you want to view the star physically, you can do so with a telescope. In recent times, this type of gift is increasing in popularity among everyone. As it is a completely unique way of expressing love to the partner, more people are considering it. However, if you have decided to gift your partner with a star registration, you should know the factors that you have to decide on the registration. In this article, let us discuss some of these vital factors that you should decide on a registrar’s platform.

Factors to decide while naming a star


You should decide on finding a reliable star registrar as your first step. You should get the value for your money, and only reliable registrars with experience could only do that. So, your decision on the registrar is vital.


Deciding on your budget is vital to select the right package.

Name of the star

The certificate will come with a name registered for the specific star. You can give any name for this. Either you can give your partner’s original name, or you can go with both of your names. There will be restrictions on the number of characters you can use on your name. So, you should decide on a name that will personally connect with your partner and fall under the restrictions of the registrar.


A constellation is nothing but a group of stars from which you will select one. There is a total of 88 constellations in the universe. Out of these 88, twelve will be representing the zodiac signs of the people. So, you can have the option to decide on the constellation you want. You can consider various factors to decide on it. Some people will choose the constellation matching with the zodiac of the partner and so on.

Star type

Then, you should select the type of how to buy a star you want from the selected constellation. You will find all the details about the star and its features like the brightness in the database of the registrar itself.