Some Important Facts About Tcas Kasetsart University

All the students that want to get admission to Tcas Kasetsart University [tcas เกษตร which is the term in Thai] have to follow certain rules set by the TCAS department. This new system has some new system that has to be catered to get admission. The traditional education system is now replaced by the new system of TCAS. Without maintaining proper rules, no student can get admission to any university. So if you are thinking of applying abroad for higher studies, check all the information first. It will help you get an overview of the pattern and admission process.

Fact 1: No university can decide the admission process. The students have to maintain the rules set up by the committee. The admission of the students will be based on five rounds. If someone gets qualifies for the first round, then the student cannot reserve any round seat. So, if you think you want to attend all the rounds, it is not possible.

  • The first round will include portfolios by the students sent to the universities
  • In the second round, the university will allow students according to some specific quota
  • The third round will be debate and discussion
  • In the fourth round will be a written exam
  • And the final round is the result declaration day

So these five rounds have created huge pressure for the students. Hence if you want to apply, then you have to prepare accordingly.

Fact 2: According to this new system, admission takes longer than expected. It creates a huge problem for ordinary students to get admission to any university. Students have complained about the cost of each exam, and there are many technical problems. These problems make the students hard to cope with the entire process pod getting admission.