How To Budget For Wedding Catering

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A highly important element of any wedding, aside from buzz and excitement from the bridal party, is the wedding catering.

Essentially one of the biggest factors that needs plenty of planning, budgeting for catering is very important and should be considered from the off to work out just what you can afford to offer guests.

Initially, coming up with a menu for the occasion may seem quite straight forward, but there’s a lot more to consider. 


Before making final decisions on the number of people invited to attend the wedding, take a look at the price per head for wedding catering. Searching for costo catering matrimonio (cost of wedding catering) online will throw a wide range of results your way as every caterer is different.

Many wedding caterers quote their prices per head, so it’s important to figure out how many people will be attending so you know just how much you may be looking at regarding to costs.

Something also worth considering is the fact that the agreed cost must still be paid even if some guests don’t show up.

Travel costs

Finding some of the most reputable wedding caterers online may sound like a great idea, but take a look at where they are based. Having to travel extensively to your event may result in prices taking a hike in order for them to cover travel costs.

Closer caterers may feature lower travel costs incorporated in to the final price but this shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Take a look at everything the caterer offers as part of their services.

In addition to travel, many caterers also charge different rates based on the time of year and even day of the week. Weekends are generally more pricey as they are higher in demand. Consider changing the day if you need to keep costs at the lower end of the scale.

Style of service

Wedding catering can take on many forms. A traditional sit down meal is often favoured but many often opt for buffets or even BBQs.

Depending on the style you choose there will be different prices attached. Generally speaking, sit down meals of three or four courses will naturally cost more due to the nature of the service and extra staff needed to execute the service professionally.

If your budget allows for table service this may be an ideal option for you but there are still more costs to consider such as drinks.

Drinks service

Not applicable to all caterers, many businesses bring their own supply of alcohol and soft drinks to match the style of the service being provided.

Open bars are always popular factors at weddings but they can be very costly for the bridal party. On the other hand, many guests may just expect one free welcome drink and then pay for additional drinks not provided on the tables.

Think carefully about offering free drinks as some guests may drink more than others.