How Much Do You Pay for Dental SEO – Is That Worth It?

Being a dentist or involved in a dental practice, you may wonder what an appropriate marketing budget is for the practice. There may arise many questions like How Much Do You Pay for Dental SEO? Or how much your competitors are spending? or how much should be the cost in order to stay profitable. Well, the estimated cost is around $3000/mo to $5000/mo, which now may vary. Each practice has its unique financial situation, local markets, and goals, and dental SEO is no different. But all dental practices need to acquire high-quality new patients and maximize the revenue from those patients.

About new dental practices

If you see the new practices, you will find several significant overheads and also a debt to the services. However, attracting new patients can effectively help in to start paying the bills and loans. As per experts, it is recommended to spend around 20% of the projected gross revenue in order to market for a new practice. Spending more than that can be risky. Also, how much you should spend depends on the local market as well. For instance, if you are practicing in a large city or have strong local competition and have a target of a big splash, in that case, your benchmark can be 30%.

Established dental services

There are many dental services that are established and want to grow more but find it difficult to get new patients. If you run one such dental clinic, this piece is for you. If your current digital marketing is not responding properly or not performing as well as the competitors, you will not get that opportunity to increase your revenue. In order to fix this issue, you can spend around 5-10% of the total gross revenue. An SEO program can require around 6-12 months to gain traction if you contact an expert who can do it sustainably. So, it would be beneficial for you to contact the best dental SEO company for guidance.