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How Can Timeshares Work? How’s Their Value Over a Travel Club?

My beautiful wife, Nancy, and I enjoy travel… a great deal!!

We have absorbed 70 vacations & journeys together in only over 8 years like a couple, meaning we have had a little experience being vacationers as well as in vacation mode.

So through the years we’d learned about timeshares many occasions coupled with been solicited to visit presentations for freebies but we never once bothered…

…not necessarily sure why don’t you?

Could it have been the idea of wasting several hrs in our vacation getting pitched to invest a lot of money, could it have been the idea of it being money or that people did not wish to keep visiting one property constantly, etc.

Whatever it had been, we simply simply never visited an exhibition… wasn’t worth a totally free dinner or tickets to all of us.

But in the last 18 days, as we have been traveling around to awesome places in Hawaii, California, Arizona & Florida, we have been remaining at many great resorts with an Worldwide Travel Club that we are people of and we have spoken to a lot of timeshare proprietors (there are numerous them) remaining in the same places…

…and we have been chatting up with a few of these people trying to puzzle out why they bought, whether or not they loved it/disliked it, etc.

Essentially, we figured the time had come for all of us to find out if a timeshare may benefit us with the traveling we all do.

So with this stated, in Vegas a few several weeks ago, we required the plunge and visited an exhibition.

(Side note: The $150 in dining vouchers i was offered to visit the presentation had nothing related to us attending… we just desired to learn and might have seriously considered buying whether it made sense.

Tip: Our recommendation is always to never attend a Timeshare presentation for “the present”… if you are truly uninterested, you will be wasting several hrs of the vacation and you will be putting yourself inside a high-pressure sales situation… i was there for 4 hrs, while they stated 1 hour 30 minutes max, plus they stated no pressure sales in advance but let us just say, which was not too)

That which was our experience like?

To tell the truth, we are still confused in the whole factor.

As pointed out, we have traveled a lot through the years and that i would be a top-selling tour operator for a long time but virtually the entire idea went excess of our heads and we are not necessarily sure why vast amounts of dollars of the will get offered each year.