Health Hazards caused by abuse of ketamine

Like all good drugs, cases of abuse and addiction to the drug are now beginning to surface. Ketamine can be purchased over the local store pharmacies or online but it best works when you have a prescription from your doctor. There are also a lot of people who use 2-fdck for fun and fighting both anxiety and stress but without the doctor’s guidance. Use of ketamine has to be under strict observations if one wants to avoid the numerous challenges or side effects it could cause them. Below is an insight on how Ketamine can be a danger to you today.

Recurrent memory loss problems

Prolonged use of Ketamine especially for recreational purposes may well be the main cause as to why some people have a problem with their memory. Memory lapses are common when you are many at times out of reality with yourself. This can affect you at your work place and besides make you very incompetent. The stronger dosages of Ketamine that you have in your system, the more dangerous the hallucinations you face will be to your brain. You can therefore be unable to fulfill your duties as expected and that could lead to termination.

Ulcers and gastrointestinal problems

Gastro intestinal challenges are just but the common side effects that Ketamine users experience when dealing with the drug. For some this is a natural reaction whereas using the drug without eating can easily interfere with your digestive system. The lower abdominal pain may easily affect your well-being and even lead to formation of ulcers wound son the gut lining in your stomach. Once a person enters the hallucinating state after using the drug, they my care less about eating and that also leads to them being malnourished.

Deliriums or being deluded

Even though this is the effect that ketamine drug addicts seek to achieve, it is not always a pleasant experience. The ability of the drug to take you out of this world and make you feel like floating on space is why there is increased use of the same in surgical procedures for both man and animals. The hallucinations are however likely to be prolonged even after the drug is no longer in your system. Bringing back the patient to reality can be tough especially when they were using heavy ketamine dosages for recreational purposes.

Blurred and sluggish speech

This is what makes it hard to communicate with Ketamine addicts. This type of drug will easily affect not just your movement but your brain functioning too. When in the out of body experience after using the drug, your brain will not be able to coordinate basic functions like thinking and communication. It is also the reason ketamine addicts are advised not to be by themselves when using these drugs. Supposing one needs urgent attention, the people around can help them without having to talk to them. It is almost like the tongue becomes heavy and their inability to talk properly makes it tough for them to get any help especially when with strangers.