Get Access to Fast & Easy Free Shippping Services.

In today’s fast-paced world, online shopping has become an integral part of our daily routine. Whether it’s buying a new outfit for a special occasion or getting groceries for the week, online shopping provides us with convenience, comfort, and accessibility. However, many online shoppers are deterred by the hefty shipping charges that often accompany online purchases. Fear not, as the solution to this problem is free shipping. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of free shipping worldwide and how you can take advantage of this service to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable.

1. Increased customer loyalty

Offering free shipping worldwide can boost customer loyalty and help to foster long-term relationships. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to return to your site and recommend your brand to others. This element of trust and loyalty helps to improve your customer retention rate, brand reputation and ultimately, increases revenue. 

2. Uplift Sales

Adding free shipping options to your website can trigger impulse purchases and incentivize customers to purchase more items. In a study conducted by Harris Interactive, it was found that 84% of customers are more inclined to shop with online stores that offer free shipping. This statistic emphasizes the impact of free shipping on buyer behaviour, and how this can translate into increased revenue for e-commerce stores.

3. Reduced cart abandonment

The number one reason for cart abandonment is high shipping costs that exceed the customer’s budget. By offering free shipping worldwide, customers are more likely to place an order and follow through with the checkout process. Additionally, consider implementing a minimum spend threshold, as this creates an incentive for customers to spend more to qualify for free shipping. 

4. Global Reach

Apart from increased sales and customer loyalty, offering free shipping worldwide can help you increase your global reach. By delivering your products to international customers without additional shipping costs, you can expand your business to larger markets and attract a global customer base. This can lead to higher long-term profits and widen your reach in this digital age. 

5. Positive Association

Free shipping empowers positive associations and emotions regarding your brand. Customers have to come to view free shipping as a ‘gift’ that they receive in association with your brand. Providing the most effective delivery service without any cost encourages business professionalism and elevates your reputation. This represents an advantage through building positive associations and emotions with your online shopping store.


In conclusion, free shipping worldwide provides a range of benefits that can positively impact your e-commerce store. The benefits include increased sales, customer loyalty, and reduced cart abandonment, among others. With the global reach of online shopping, offering free shipping worldwide can allow you to grow your business and attract a global clientele. Finally, take note that as an online retailer, free shipping worldwide can make a huge difference in the ROI of your e-commerce store. So, go ahead and implement the free shipping worldwide policy today, and witness an uplift in your sales volume and the reach of your brand.