Dubai Safari: The Ultimate Family Fun Adventure!

Experience an unforgettable safari adventure in Dubai!

Dubai Safari is a family-oriented, eco-friendly park that provides plenty of thrills for the whole family. With exotic animals from around the world, you can see zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, camels, and more. Enjoy a day out with your family in this well-designed wildlife theme park!

Dubai Safari features over 150 animal species in natural environment settings. Learn about their feeding habits and habitat while exploring the different zones of the park. You can also take part in exciting activities like camel rides, bird shows, or watch exciting live shows entertaining guests every day at various times.

Dubai Safari

The Ultimate Family Fun Adventure

Dubai Safari is one of the best family-friendly entertainment destinations in Dubai. With a lot of animal species, you can learn about their feeding habits and habitat while exploring different zones of the park.

Activities like camel rides, bird shows, and live entertainment are also available every day at various times to keep guests entertained. In addition, Dubai Safari is an eco-friendly park that provides a memorable safari adventure for the whole family.

Dubai Safari Features

Dubai Safari is divided into five zones: Arabian Wildlife, African Plains, Asian Jungle, Australian Outback, and Madagascar. Each zone features an environment that provides opportunities for learning about the different species of animals and enjoying animal interactions.

For example, in the Indian Jungle visitors can see Bengal tigers and white tigers in their natural habitat or enjoy a bird show with parrots and cranes. The Australian Outback allows visitors to get up close with kangaroos and emus while African Plains is home to giraffes and zebras. These animals roam freely in specific areas of the park so you can get a more hands-on experience with them.

Activities At Dubai Safari 

Dubai Safari is a theme park that provides family-oriented activities. There are many thrilling rides, which are perfect for adrenaline junkies. If you want to spend the day in the company of animals, you can take part in exciting animal encounters or take a tour of the safari area.

You may also want to visit one of the live shows at the park – where every day at various times, there are performances with everything from birds to lions.

Camel Rides

There are many activities at Dubai Safari, but one of the most popular is camel rides. Head to the safari park and explore the different zones, including animal habitats, on a camel. Have you always wanted to hold a young camel? Well, now you can! Get up close with an exotic animal during this exciting ride. This is an experience that’s not available anywhere else in Dubai.

Watching Wildlife Shows

Another great activity for families is watching wildlife shows. You’ll get to see animals playing together and learn more about their natural habitat while getting up close to these amazing creatures! These shows are perfect for kids of all ages and provide educational entertainment while having fun.

Bird Shows

In addition to animal exhibits, Dubai Safari also offers a variety of live entertainment in the form of birds shows. These shows are a unique and exciting way to interact with these beautiful creatures. You can watch a show from a distance or get up close and personal by going on a backstage tour!