Different type of taxi services

Taxi services are widely available in most metropolitan areas, and in some rural towns as well. They are usually more expensive than mass transit options, but can be convenient for travelers who have heavy luggage or have difficulty walking.

Taxi services are typically metered for the first portion of the trip and flat rate for additional travel time. There is usually a surcharge for trips to the airport which are typically more than $10. Many taxi companies accept credit cards and will give you a receipt at the end of your ride.

Taxi services are offered by many companies in many cities. It is one of the efficient ways to get around. Taxis can also be hired for special occasions, like weddings, or when a car or minibus is needed for a large group of people.

Taxi services generally divided into three types:

  1. Normal Taxis

Normal taxis are those that can be hailed on the street and are driven by normal drivers who have a taxi driver’s license. Some of these taxis accept cash only while others can accept credit cards.

  1. Metered Taxis

These taxis come with meters that calculate the fare according to distance travelled and time taken to reach your destination. These meters also calculate additional charges like toll taxes, airport charges and night surcharges. Tips are not included in the meter charge but are acceptable at your discretion.

  1. Luxury Taxis

Luxury Taxis are those that provide chauffeur-driven cars for travellers who desire extra comfort and privacy during their trip. These cars can arrive at your doorstep and some luxury car companies offer a full range of cars from small sedans to limousines which can seat up to 8 people comfortably for special occasions like weddings or birthdays.

Taxi services are regulated by the city, county and state. The taxi service may be a public transportation service, but it is not immune from the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. If you feel that the taxi driver has acted in an unlawful manner, you can contact the local police department or relevant government agency to report the incident. In many jurisdictions a taxi service must maintain a 24-hour hotline number for passengers to report any such incidents. For more information you can check with 888 Executive cars.

The National Taxi Cab Association offers an extensive list of tips and advice for riders using taxicabs, including how to avoid common scams. The association also provides a list of good-citizen tips and safety measures while riding in a cab, including “asking your driver to put the meter on and making sure it is set at the right tariff” and “legally, your driver must take you directly to your destination.”