Cannabis Dosage – How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD can be taken in several different forms: as an oil, extract, as food or candy, by whipping, as a skin cream or as capsules. The preparation has healing properties that can be used to treat several different types of ailments, such as various forms of pain, inflammation, skin conditions such as acne and eczema, and swelling of joints. However, you should make sure that you buy weed online from a reputable online dispensary.

What dose works for me?

It is difficult to give a recommended dosage of CBD that works for everyone. It is very individual and is determined by several factors, such as which medical conditions you want to treat and how serious the condition is. It also depends on how much you weigh and how your body generally reacts to CBD. Anyone who has never tested CBD before is of course more sensitive than someone who has built up a tolerance for it and therefore does not need an equally high dose to feel an effect.

To find a dosage that suits you, you should therefore start with a small dose and then slowly build it up until you begin to experience the desired effect. If you have chosen to use CBD oil, you can, for example, start by taking 1 drop 3 times daily for a week and then step up to 2 drops. It also depends on how concentrated the oil you use is. CBD oil is dosed using tweezers, which allows the drops to vary slightly in strength. If you want to be sure that you get the exact same dosage every time, CBD capsules are the safest option.

Three dosing buckets

As a guideline for deciding which dosage is right for you, there are three dosage ranges identified by the authors of the book CBD: A Patient’s Guide to buy weed online medically. Which range you should stay within depends largely on what medical conditions you suffer from. If you suffer from less serious problems such as sleep problems, headaches, stress-related symptoms, or just want to take CBD as a dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system, a microdose may be enough, which is 0.5-20mg a day.

The standard dose is about 10-100 mg per day and this is the dosage that is recommended to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and to alleviate mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. For really serious diseases such as epilepsy, liver disease, cancer and other life-threatening conditions, an extra high dose of up to 800 mg a day, a so-called macrodose, or therapeutic dose may be needed.

Adjust the dose

It can take time before the body begins to react to the treatment, so it is important to be careful when adjusting your dosage and not go too fast. Starting with a high dose to achieve a faster result is not recommended as it does not guarantee a stronger effect.

After using CBD regularly for a long time and building up a tolerance for the preparation, the dosage must be increased to get the same effect. You can then choose to pause the treatment for a few days and then start stepping up again, so as not to let the body get used to the same dose.