Advantages Of Using Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machines

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IPL laser hair removal system uses light energy for hair removal system. It is quite similar to the monofilament fiber technology used in the conventional hair removing systems. IPL uses light energy by pulsing light to the hair follicle and does not damage or destroy the root of the hair at any point of time. This treatment can easily be used on any area of the body. Here are few advantages of using Ipl machine.

There are few advantages of using this innovative laser technology like one has to pay lesser number of visits to the doctor as compared to the conventional treatments. The main advantage is that it is painless and helps in removing the hair with least amount of pain. You also do not need any kind of anesthesia and can enjoy complete relief from pain. The second advantage is that it is painless and produces less skin reaction. You can also enjoy the results within seconds as compared to the traditional removal techniques.

There are some disadvantages of using Ipl laser hair removal system. Few patients experienced minor skin reaction and redness around the treated areas. There are also few patients who experienced slight pain after the treatment. However, these are only few and may be explained by over sensitivity of nerve endings.

The process of laser treatment involves removal of hair follicle by applying concentrated diode beam on the treated area. The diode beam heats up the olive laser which changes its color from green to red. This green-red color gives out heat energy which changes the electron in the stimulated hair follicle. As a result, the molecule of this hair is destructed instantly. It also causes the shortening of hair roots as well as the death of melanin in some dark colored hairs.

The second option is the most effective method of Ipl laser hair removal. This method is known as vascular therapy. It uses a technique of heating pads to treat small areas. Unlike Ipl, this method does not burn the hair follicle like the diode method. The heat applied to the treated skin rejuvenates the damaged skin by stimulating the production of new cells. This prevents further hair loss and also tightens the damaged skin pores.

Applying special UV liquid onto the treated areas prevents further damage to the treated skin and increases the blood flow. This increased blood flow helps in retaining the pigment in the follicle. Applying a special formula of UV liquid with high intensity light (HILT) penetrates the surface and shrinks the melanin level in the follicles effectively. Ipl laser removal machine provides long lasting results and improves self confidence. All these advantages make this machine highly popular among most women.