2 scenarios about the filling of wrong fuel that you should know

You might have gone to a pump to fill up your car with fuel. But, have you ever think of what if the pump attendant fills your car with the wrong fuel? If you have not given a thought, then you should give it a thought. It is honest and most often mistakes made by pump attendants while topping up a car’s fuel tank. Below mentioned are two scenarios and tips about how you can deal with them.

Diesel in a petrol car:-

The chances of filling up of petrol car with diesel is not a very common mistake. The main reason is that petrol cars have a smaller opening of the fuel tank and the nozzle of diesel dispenser does not fit into it properly. But if the chances of mistake are still there. And the mistake still happened, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

If you realize it while filling-

It will act as a kind of boon for you. If your car’s fuel tank got filled up with diesel for less than 6% of the total capacity of the fuel tank, then you can fill the rest tank with petrol and drive it off.However, it is suggested to drain the diesel by calling the wrong fuel doctor to prevent your car from contamination.

Realizing after filling up- 

If your tank gets filled with diesel more than 6% capacity of your fuel tank, it became necessary not to crank the engine. So it would be helpful if you call the wrong fuel doctor at the nearest point possible. He will drain the diesel fully and flush the fuel tank. After that, you can fill up again with petrol.

Petrol in diesel car:-

When your diesel car got filled with petrol, it is trouble for you because diesel cars are not as forgiving as petrol cars. So if you turn on the car with the wrong fuel in the tank, there are high chances of paying the repair bill with a high amount. The reason is that when the engine gets turned on, petrol will reach the internal parts of the engine which require lubrication for proper working. Here are tips on what you can follow in this scenario:

Do not turn on the ignition-

No matter what happens, you should not cran the engine when you know about filling the wrong fuel in your car. If the engine is off and fuel is in the tank, your car is out of the danger zone. Instead, try to find out nearest car station, or you can call the wrong fuel doctor to help you out in this situation. They will flush the fuel tank, and then you can refill your tank with the right fuel.

If you have turned on your car-

I find it late about filling of the fuel tank with the wrong fuel. Then I would suggest you park it in the safe zone and immediately call the wrong fuel doctor so that he will reach you and solve your problem.