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wpc fluted wall panel

Why is it called WPC fluted panel?

Because of its undulating cross-sectional shape, we call it WPC fluted panel, WPC slatted cladding, and composite slatted cladding. There are different names in different countries, and sometimes it is also generally called WPC fluted wall panel, slatted composite cladding, WPC fluted, fluted panel WPC, etc.

What is the best WPC wall cladding manufacturer in China?

HOSUNG WPC is a professional WPC wall cladding manufacturer in China. At the same time, it is also a WPC fluted panel manufacturer factory. The composite slatted cladding is wholesale export prices, FOB prices, EXW prices, or CIF prices. In addition, It also provides OEM service for the custom logos.

What is WPC wall panel board?

The WPC wall panel board is a high performing material made from a unique combination of 60% recycled hard-wood fibres, 30% Grade A recycled plastic, and 10% additives. It combines the natural beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of plastic products.

Why choose unifloor for WPC wall panel?

Unifloor is the leading WPC wall panel manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide Hi-tech and eco-friendly WPC wall panel at competitive prices for worldwide customers. And we also accept 0EM/ODM services and meet different requirements.

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