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wpc decking singapore

What is WPC decking?

WPC decking Similar to hardwood, WPC decking; also known as Wood plastic composite, has a protection layer on top of the wood. This protection layer provide both

What is wood plastic composite decking?

Vohringer Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) widely used for outdoor decks is manufactured by combining wood fibres with plastic to create a low maintenance, durable, dense and strong floor decks. We are able to achieve the best qualities of wood and plastic when combining them together. The deck will not rot or splinter and the colour will not fade.

What is wood plastic composite (WPC)?

The wood plastic composite can be used for outdoor wall panels, boat decks, bridge, swimming pool areas, flower boxes, pavilion, park, club, and composite fences. You can also use them on a balcony, and even indoors. Our WPC decks are highly recyclable and are eco-friendly because they save forest resources.

What is the best outdoor decking in Singapore?

Chengal is the most commonly used outdoor deck in singapore as it has a beautiful hardwood look . Chengal is naturally durable and resistant to decay. It can be used in all climates without preservative treatment.

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