Which places require hearing protection tools? 

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The protection of your hearing ability is important, especially when you are spending most of your day around places that have loud noises. The use of hearing protection (gehoorbeschermingtools could help in protecting the inner part of the ear, which is considered very fragile and sensitive. Most of the hearing losses are due to the environment in which you are working. Hearing is very delicate; therefore, it is important to take necessary measures to protect your hearing ability. Most countries have strict regulations for the workers; if they are working with the machines having loud noises, the employer needs to provide them protection tools. We are going to discuss some places where it is important to use hearing protection tools. 

Musicians need to wear protection tools. 

The trend of hearing music in a loud voice is becoming common; however, this would damage your hearing. Therefore, you should not use hand-free headphones; the loud music from hand frees, and a headphone is not good for the inner part of your ear. When you go to concerns, you often see musicians or the DJs using hearing protection because they are also exposed to loud sounds. Don’t damage your ears just for the sake of fun and entertainment, and use hearing protection tools. If you visit an audiologist, they would also recommend you these tools for your safety. 

Construction sites

The noise on the construction sites is also bad for the ears; therefore, you should wear protection devices when you are on the construction sites as well. Most construction workers wear protection tools when they are operating heavy machinery. The sound of the machines on the construction sites is higher than 80 decibels and could harm your inner ear. The use of the protection tools is even more important when your work involves using jackhammers; if you are careless, your hearing ability will pay the price. 

Factory workers

The use of the hearing protection is also important for the factory workers; they also need to use these tools when working with the heavy machinery. Usually, the employer would provide you with these protection tools; even if they are not offering protection tools, you should buy your own protection tools. 

This will not be necessary for all parts of the factory – only those areas whereby loud machines are in use. For example, if you are in the part whereby products are being manufactured, you will definitely need ear protection, but you probably won’t if you are working in the packaging or administrative departments.

Airport staff

Airport staff working outside the terminal also needs hearing protection tools. The sound of the jet is quite loud; it often reaches 140 decibels which could damage your ears. It is believed that the airport is the noisiest place; therefore, you should use protection tools. You don’t need to use protection tools when you are working inside the terminal. These protection tools are for your own safety, and small preventive measures would ensure that your hearing doesn’t get damaged.