What Is Botto?

Botto is an emerging platform that funds art and in turn, gives Ethereum holdings to its users which would be the future currency. The project is now in its handling and setup. Thus, you need to have some prior information on how to make it simple and rewarding. Read and find out!

How to get started at Botto.com?

Botto.com is an art project website that interacts with Ethereum blockchain. It requires you to first set up an Ethereum wallet, buy Ether (ETH or Ξ) from cryptocurrency exchange (via Coinbase or Transak), then get some Botto tokens to be staked on the Botto app. These tokens will give you Voting Points (VP) to be used for voting the art of your choice. These art fragments will be minted and auctioned for getting more Botto at the market. The whole process is easy, but you must understand the basic cautions and proceed after some guidance.

Voting at Botto.com

When you stake Botto, you get 100 Voting Points to vote for your favorite art. The piece which gets more votes from the community has opted for the minting and is ready to be sold in the next auction. The voting mechanism and your preferences train the algorithm for creating more pleasing art in each turn. You can adjust your voting weightage as per your wish while staking Botto and liquidity.

Auction at Botto.com

Since Botto.com mints the chosen art and auctions it as one mint per week, the 85% auction proceeds are used to buy Botto back, along with the 10% commission generated. Botto is still in its developmental stage which may take a little time, but the rewards are given as Ethereum holdings.

Legality and Botto.com

Botto.com operates through a set of contracts that explain that the project has been audited and the process is going on. The token contract allows for standardized functions dealing with Botto tokens, token transfers, bank approvals, and Ethereum transactions. The airdrop contract deals with the initial distribution and claims of Botto tokens. The governance contract deals with the stake and unstake functions, along with their distribution. Lastly, the liquidity mining contract handles the liquidity mining rewards and their payouts to be deployed.


  • How to place an inquiry at Botto.com?

It is easy to reach out to help at Botto.com. if you have any queries related to the art minting, auction, voting, BOTTO tokens, Ethereum, or the community and vision, you can always address your queries via email to info@botto.com. The team is also active on Discord and gives a faster reply there. From featuring to basics, they’ve got it all answered for you.

  • Is Botto.com based on a fair voting system?

Yes, Botto.com is based on a voting mechanism that is an algorithm for creating art. Every week, a collection consisting of 50 art pieces is created and put forward for the community to choose one between every two pieces. You as a user, can choose as per your aesthetics and maximize the value of the chosen art.