What could ensure your protection from digital scammers?

Scammers are more in number and it is our responsibility to save our 꽁머니. You can try the following things to ensure that you are safe from scammers while doing anything online.

Stop creating an easy password

If you are assigning a password to something, you are restricting people from accessing your account without your consent. If your password is abcd or 1234, one among the three members trying to figure out your password would succeed in the first attempt itself. Also, you should avoid keeping your name or something that is closely related to you as your password. If you do so, someone who knows you a bit could easily predict that password. So, you should spend some time thinking of something that is not trackable by anyone. It is way better to choose something that even you could not remember. However, if you do so, it is necessary to make note of the strong password somewhere for your reference.

Go with HTTPS

Whatever website you visit, you should check its domain. There would be two majorly used protocols for the domains, HTTP and HTTPS. An HTTP domain would be not secured and you should keep your private information and transactions away from such sites. You should proceed with such sensitive activities only on the websites that have HTTPS. These websites would ensure the safety of all the details entered by you. 

Deal with the sellers you know

The primary disadvantage with the online shopping concept is the unknown sellers and their reliability factors. There would be an issue of doubts only when you do not know the seller of the product you pay for. So, it is advisable to deal only with the sellers you believe. If you have already ordered a product or more from a particular seller and everything was smooth then, it is highly advisable to proceed with the same seller or the ones he refers you to. In this way, your online transactions would be safe. Also, you can try buying products only from the direct retail section of the brands instead of buying from a local seller online.  

Find the spammers through their emails

Since everyone would check their emails frequently, the spammers have stuck to the way of reaching potential people who could lose their money to them. They would send you emails regarding anything attractive. For instance, they could send you a gift voucher for any products on an unknown e-commerce website. There would be a link or two to those websites on these emails. However, you will not get redirected to the e-commerce website if you click on them. Instead, it will take you to an unknown website where your private information like name, address, bank details would get stolen. So, you should find such irrelevant and not-to-believe emails right away and block them. You should care to check the links on only the emails that come from the persons you know already.