What are Watches Most Important Characteristics? 

Many would argue that watches are not as important as they once were due to us always carrying around some kind of gadget that can tell us the time. However, a watch is more than just something we can look at when we want to know the time. They are fashionable, define our character, and in some cases are a status symbol. 

If you are looking to purchase a watch, you will have your own styles and designs in mind but you may not know what other characteristics to consider. Fortunately, we are here to help in that regard, as we have listed the four most important watch characteristics to look out for. 

Once you have finished reading, you can shop for your watch in confidence as you are better armed with the information that you need. 

The Material

If you want a decent watch that is durable and stylish, you should not settle for anything less than stainless steel. You could also opt for titanium or ceramic as the main material if you have a bit more to spend. If you wanted to go premium, you could then choose between silver, gold, or rosegold. As a minimum though, 316L stainless steel is what you should be aiming for.

Type of Glass Used

Glass may not seem too important but actually, the better quality, the less likely it is to suffer scratches. Crystal glass and mineral glass will suffice for your standard watch but ideally, you should go for sapphire glass if you want the best protection. Most luxury German watches use this type of glass as it can withstand damage a lot better.

The Time Movement

In terms of accuracy, you cannot beat quartz movement and this is why many leading watch brands swear by it. True watch connoisseurs will argue that handmade mechanical timing is the best and they are probably right with regards to how long it will last under proper care and maintenance.  Trouble is mechanical watches are a lot more expensive. 

Its Water Resistance

The biggest enemy to a watch is water and for that reason, how water resistant your potential watch is will be a big determining factor. There are different levels of water resistance and the one you want will depend on how you plan to use the watch. 10 ATM will allow you to swim wearing your watch, 5 ATM is good enough for showering, while 3 ATM will keep out rain and prevent damage when washing hands. 


Whenever you are buying a watch, the four characteristics above are the most important to consider. Aside from those, there is just the kind of strap, style, design, and price tag to consider. Also find out about any warranty cover that you are given before purchasing, especially if it is an expensive watch. 

Final tips would be to take your time when deciding and to go for a recognised brand that has a good reputation if possible.