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Is a WBC of 16 4/ul good or bad?

You received your blood test result with a WBC value of 16.4 x10E3/uL. This analysis helps you to check if your WBC value is within normal range. Your WBC value of 16.4 x10E3/uL is way too high. A good White Blood Cell level is usually between 4 and 10.5 x10E3/uL. Lower your White Blood Cell level by 5.9 x10E3/uL to be within normal range.

What does it mean when your WBC is elevated?

Dr. Hina Naushad, a hematopathologist from Creighton Medical Center, says that an elevated WBC count is when the total number of leukocytes (white blood cells) is more than 11.0 x 10 9 per L.

What is the normal range of white blood cell count?

According to the journal, American Family Physician, the normal total white blood cell count (leukocytes) range for healthy infants and adults is as follows: 1 1 Infant 2 weeks old: 5.0 to 20.0 x 10 9 per L 2 Adult: 4.5 to 11.0 x 10 9 per L 3 Pregnant woman: 5.8 to 13.2 x 10 9 per L

What is a white blood cell count test?

By Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer. Doctors test for white blood cell (WBC) count to measure the number of white blood cells in your body. This blood test is usually done as part of a standard complete blood count (CBC) test.

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