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Many women feel insecure about the size of their breasts, they feel bad for having a small pair of boobies, and sometimes it is unbalanced in size and shape. Not limited to that, mothers who have undergone giving birth and breastfeeding commonly have saggy breasts which are expected from them. Also, women with older age often have saggy breasts too even some of them do not have children or never have done breastfeeding at all, which is possibly caused by weight loss and aging. The following reasons lead women and mothers to consider breast augmentation with breast implants. With the advancement of technology, we have now, the number of surgeries is increasing in numbers too because of its quality results with having a minimal risk of unwanted side effects after the procedure according to many. 

The Breast Implants Via the Armpit

Of all the kinds of breast augmentation, the breast implant via Armpit become common today because of its lighter pain and its considerably less effect on the operation of the muscle during and after the process. From the term itself “armpit”, the implant will be placed behind or under the pectoral muscle, giving a more perfect shape and size of the breast and reducing the risk of any future complications like deformed breasts.

Before The Breast Augmentation  

Before any operation, the patients need to know exactly what is the operation all about and how it works on and after the implant procedure. During the consultation, patients go through proper talks including the patients’ expectations and wishes as they undergo the procedure. Patients are allowed to ask the surgeon about more details of the breast augmentation and the preparations needed. After the one-on-one session, a general health check and examination follows as part of the adaptation of the operation to the health condition of the patients. Generally, not all women can do the procedure because of some complications seen after the check-up. 

Choosing the right size of your breast is one of the difficult decisions to make according to many because the best size should be balanced on the body size and curve but surgeons do recommend enough size or a larger one for you considering the proportions of your body.  

After The Breast Augmentation

After the operation, it is expected that breasts will feel very tense and large on the day after the operation, but it gradually decreases over a couple of weeks. As part of the healing process, the scars become invisible around the nipple areas. One of the amazing experiences you can have after the operation is the extensive care of the surgeon and their supporting staff when it comes to their patients because they do provide the underwire bra and the elastic chest strap to be worn by the patients for 2-6 weeks for a better result as possible. Not only that, capsules are always included to help lessen the pain and make the healing process faster. 

In conclusion, only women with strong determination can do this modern procedure. So far, breast augmentation is receiving a lot of patients these days. If you are interested, just visit for more educative advice you can get.