Types Of Clotheslines For Apartment

This accessory or clothesline like a collapsible clothesline for condo (ราว ตาก ผ้า คอน โด พับ ได้ which is the term Thai), so common and present in people’s daily lives, can be classified according to numerous details. So, to facilitate your analysis, we decided to divide the types into three main categories: ceiling, floor, and wall. In other words, the first aspect that differentiates the models is the surface on which the clothesline will be installed or will be supported. Let’s go to the characteristics of each one to understand better? Check out!


It is the one that hangs from the room’s ceiling, usually in the service area. It is made up of a metallic base with ropes to hang clothes and the cables that support the entire set. Some models allow height adjustment, which facilitates handling parts that need to be placed and removed. It is also possible to find variations of this clothesline, many of them smaller and designed for drying smaller items (such as socks and underwear).

In these cases, the small clothesline usually has a kind of hook at the top and hangers and even fasteners integrated throughout the structure. Thus, it is possible to support it at any point on the roof or a larger clothesline.

One of the great advantages of the roof model is the optimization of space. After all, as it will be suspended, it will not occupy a useful laundry area. It can even be unnoticeable in everyday life by staying high, out of people’s field of vision.


It is one of the favorites in searching for a clothesline for an apartment due to its portability. If permitted by condominium rules, it remains upright on the floor and can be positioned in any corner of the service area and even on the balcony. After use, fold its structure to store the item.

The slim model is the most common and compact. The full version usually has two flaps (wings) at the ends to expand the surface for use. It is also possible to find the clothesline with wheels or a swivel system, both solutions that bring practicality.

The great advantage of this model is the possibility of carrying it wherever you want. As it is a lightweight accessory, it can change its position according to weather conditions, taking it to outdoor areas with many suns or constant winds.

Of Wall

The most common is when we extend one or more ropes to attach their ends to each end of the room. It is a good solution to save money, but it is essential to leave one end with a reinforced knot, which can be removed from the hook when the clothesline is not in use.

Other models can be found with a format similar to the floor and ceiling clotheslines, although smaller. We highlight the retractable (which is retracted/lowered to remain parallel to the wall) and the accordion (which can be folded to shrink). In any case, the wall versions are also suitable for those who want to save space and free up the floor.