Trippy Art Paintings: An Introduction To The Art Genre For Beginners

Psychedelic art is a style of visual art that focuses on distorted interpretations of reality and is an exploration of the artist’s mind. It is often associated with counterculture movements such as hippie culture, punk rock, and rave parties. Psychedelic art can be in many different forms, including paintings, illustrations, music, films, and sculpture. Here are some great examples of psychedelic art in different media.


What Is Psychedelic Art


Psychedelic art is made by combining usually ordinary and everyday subjects, patterns, and colors. The main goal of psychedelic art is to offer a different interpretation of reality. It can be difficult for beginners to know where to start when it comes to creating a psychedelic art piece because there are many different techniques that one could use. There are some things that artists must consider before embarking on a psychedelic project.


  • Style: What kind of style will you use? Will it be more abstract or realistic?
  • Subject: Obviously, the type of subject matter in your painting will greatly influence the outcome.
  • Composition: How will you arrange your subject with respect to gravity? Does it face towards the viewer or away from them? Will it be centered or off-center?
  • Colors and patterns: These two factors are essential when creating the perfect composition. Psychedelic artwork has an emphasis on intense colors, but also often uses repeating patterns that create optical illusions.


 Differences Between Art And Non-Art


The goal of Trippy art is to invoke a response or feeling from the viewer. And to do that, an artist needs to have a strong idea about what their art means and how it will be perceived by the world. This can be achieved in many different ways and oftentimes, there are two main distinctions in the artwork. 


There is traditional art, which is more realistic and focuses on aesthetics. Then there is non-art, which often has no meaning behind it and is created for pure aesthetics with no intention of being meaningful.


How Psychedelic Art Influences Society


Psychedelic art has had a profound influence on society. Quite often, it is used as a form of expression for those who feel that their perspectives or realities are not fully understood by the masses. The term “psychedelic” was coined in the late 1950s and early 1960s to describe the intense experiences caused by LSD and other mind-altering substances. 


It quickly grew into an art form that expressed feelings of euphoria, sadness, joy, and anger. The distorted views found in psychedelic art made it an appealing genre to a generation that often saw reality as something to escape from. 


Psychedelic art influenced popular music with bands like Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead. It also influenced films with movies like Yellow Submarine and Easy Rider that explored themes of counterculture lifestyles and drug use. When people think about psychedelic art today, they often think about tie-dye t-shirts, peace signs, hazy parties with hippies, or trippy images in advertisements for concerts or raves.


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