Shanghai, China - January 31, 2016

Travel Risk Management: Isn’t It Time for any Crisis?


Knowing that business travel isn’t without its risk and the opportunity of crisis, you will want to see this short article. In the following paragraphs we will discuss the management and containment of crisis as it requires vacationers and travel managers. The goal of this information is to express the collective understanding on managing crisis and considerably enhance your capability to identify and run a crisis but additionally enhance your business travel efficiency.

In this article I will discuss travel risk myths, crisis management, plans and options so that you can immediately compare or enhance your own travel risk management system for the vacationers or travel management department.

Crisis obviously is one thing you did not possess a arrange for or something like that that you are unprepared. Furthermore, it’s really a number of occasions that together produce a crisis. Occasions or problems that occur, to that you’ve an agenda and strategy, is just an accidents.

Crisis Management/Leadership

The very first factor would be to clarify what’s the distinction between crisis management and leadership. More to the point, which may be the more essential?

Crisis management pertains to the reaction to event/s that threaten your company, vacationers or travel activity. The big event leads and also you follow with plans, decisions and actions.

Crisis leadership, however, is much more about getting in front of the occasions and issues to avoid, management as well as retain the impact for your business or business travel activities. While management is part of the leadership demand, how you behave and participation lead the final results as opposed to a more passive wait and act approach with pure crisis management.

Crisis leadership may be the less practiced of these two, but the most important when it comes to results and decrease in risk and impact. For little else from this session, it ought to be that the focus ought to always be on Crisis Leadership, not crisis management.


There are lots of myths and half-facts about crisis, disruption and threats inside the travel management sector. Point about this misinformation has originated in vacationers themselves, media, travel managers, buddies and family approximately known as “experts”.

For instance, many vacationers and planners are centered on terrorism. The truth is, you’ve got a very, really small possibility of being uncovered or affected directly with a terrorist act. It does not mean you need to discount it as being a danger altogether however it should not dominate your plans or processes otherwise a proportional threat to both you and your vacationers. On the other hand, almost everybody overlooks automobile accidents. Yet, they happen much more frequently, might have devastating impact on vacationers and therefore are minimal common plan contained within company travel management departments.