Top reasons to join a Medicare advantage plan

With so many options present in Medicare plans, it has become quite a difficult thing for people to select the right option. Previously, people had a limited choice and they were able to pick only the original Medicare plan, which consisted of Part A and Part B Medicare plans. Part A consists of the hospital facility and the insurance related to health care facilities within the hospital in terms of stay, while part B consists of the medical insurance which mainly revolves around the visits to doctors for medical consultancy. Apart from these visits, there are certain other things which fall under the ambit of this part and you can avail the insurance if you are interested. In this article, we will talk about the relatively newer introduction in these insurance plans and that is called Medicare advantage plan.

What is this plan?

Before we learn the reasons to join this plan, it is important to learn what this plan really is and how does it operate. This is a plan which will cover all the basic things which are available in the original plan (Part A and Part B) and in addition to the facilities which are available with those original plans, this plan will also cover some additional things. Some people are confused about the eligibility of this plan and it is important to note here that if you are eligible for the original plans, you are eligible for this plan as well. When you get Medicare advantage plans 2022, you get to enjoy certain benefits which are otherwise not available with the original plans.

This plan which is also known as part C is offered by private insurance companies, which are approved by Medicare. After getting registered, you will not be paying to the Medicare department, you will directly be paying to the privately owned insurance companies and these companies will handle all your health insurance matters with Medicare and will make sure that you are getting the health services free of cost as per your plan. The advantages of these plans vary from person to person, depending on the subscription but there are some general overall advantages which are worth mentioning here.

Reasons why you should consider the Medicare advantage plan

There are many reasons why you must consider the Medicare advantage plan as your future plan to insure your health. When you shift from the original Medicare plan to the advantage plan, you enjoy following things:

  • Coverage of additional benefits – In Medicare advantage plan, you will see additional coverage of benefits which are not covered under the original Medicare plans (Part A and Part B). These additional benefits include certain vision, hearing, and dental benefits.
  • Medicare advantage plans is a nationwide coverage which makes it easier for you if you are a frequent traveler
  • Medicare advantage plan is a one stop insurance plan where you will get everything under the same cap, and you will not be required to manage different insurance policies for indoor and outdoor facilities.