Tips To Win Every Time You Play Fun88

When you are looking for an online casino that hosts baccarat, you will probably find plenty of websites that house baccarat but only a handful of such websites online actually provide its players and user with a guide that has all the winning strategies to enjoy and baccarat. fun88 is one such website, this guide contains all the result-driven strategies that will help you to get on the winning streak the next time you visit the website to play some online baccarat. For those who are wondering, baccarat is not a rich man’s game neither does it requires you to have extensive gambling knowledge to actually win the bets you place while the session is ongoing.

So here are few strategies that you could use when you are sitting for your next session on fun88.

Strategies to win fun88

Before starting any strategies make sure a good strategy would take into consideration the three house edges of the bets that are placed in a session. Before diving any further, always remember never to bet on the tie, you will end up losing more and it’s not worth it.

The three house edges of the bets are banker with 1.06 units, player with 1.24 units, and the tie bet with a whooping 14.4 units of every 100 units you use as a wage.

Even though the right bet to place on is the bankers’ remember all the virtual casino websites take a commission every time the banker’s bet win. On the other hand, the player’s bet does not require to pay any commission whenever they win so that’s a little biased now but still always bet on the banker.

The three strategies that could help you win fun88 are

1324 baccarat strategy– the betting is simple, start with 1 unit, the bet on 3, and then you come back to 2, and then lastly 4. It is effective irrespective of the baccarat budget you have set. You can increase the bet in 10s, like 10,30, 20, and then 40 or even 100s, like 100, 300, 200, and then 400.

 If you win, you have to move to the next bet. But here’s the catch, if you lose you have to again start right from the beginning. Finally, if you win all four bets then you can again start with the same strategy but this time only if a profit in your pocket.

Martingale Baccarat strategy– this strategy is simple, you can double the last bet you put if you lose, but in case you win then you can place the same bet again.  The idea is to double your bet when every time you lose but bet the same money if you win.

Last but not the least, the Paroli baccarat strategy, is the exact opposite of the martingale strategy. Here you increase the bet every time you win and place the same bet when you lose. You can try the above strategies to win when you play fun88.