The Effective Treatment of Undereyes Botox

When you are getting wrinkles, you may want to get rid of them and, as a result, start to look for solutions. You may have heard of Undereyes Botox [โบ ท็ อก ตีนกา, which is the term in Thai], but there might be several doubts and questions about this treatment. Well, Botox is an effective treatment for your puffy eye bags and hyperpigmentation around the eyes. with some investments, you can avail this effective treatment and the result will leave you happy. It reduces the wrinkles by injection where the lower eyelid appears fuller and plumper, which further helps to reduce bagginess and wrinkles.

Ask for cost estimation

The Botox cost varies from country to country and even from clinic to clinic. It depends upon several factors. Since it is popular, not only in Asia but across the world, the cost changes with the currency and economical status of a country. Also, with an expert and specialist doctor, you have to pay more. If you go for Botox, you will not only pay for the medication but also for the entire time the technique is being performed. It further includes the clinics’ space and locations along with other materials that will be used. You may ask for the cost estimation before requesting the injections. You may get a clear idea about how much it will cost and how long the injection may take on asking.

About side effects

you need to learn this from before that, Botox under the eyes has side effects as well. After learning about the side effects, you may get mentally prepared about what may happen and what not. Also, if you realize to have any sort of discomforts with any of the side effects, you may postpone your appointment and consult the doctor. The side effects include having difficulty in closing the eyes, your lower eye may swell up, causing discomforts, bleeding, eye drooping, dizziness, pain in the injection site and redness. But in the end, all these discomforts will be worth it when you see your face in the mirror with a glorifying change.