Select The Right internal glass doors for Your Office Meeting Room

Meeting rooms come in many different types and styles of doors, understanding which types of doors are available and what they mean can help you make an informed decision when selecting a door for your office.

– Wall-Mounted Meeting Room Doors – A wall-mounted meeting room door is installed into the wall, the door is flush with the wall, making it difficult to see if there is any sort of door frame. If you want a more minimalist look, wall-mounted meeting room doors are a great option. However, these types of doors are typically harder to open and close. –

Overhead Meeting Room Doors – Overhead meeting room doors are installed above the floor, these doors come in many different types, including swing-down and swing-up models, either type is great for larger spaces with more than one meeting room.

– Sliding Meeting Room Doors – Another meeting room door option is a sliding door, these internal glass doors can be either horizontal or vertical sliding types. Vertical sliding meeting room doors are great for rooms with high ceilings because they can be easily pulled or pushed when needed. Horizontal sliding meeting room doors are a good choice for spaces with low ceilings and limited space.


Consider the Purpose of the Meeting Room

Deciding on the right type of meeting room door depends on the purpose of the room, if you have multiple rooms that are used for meetings and training, you might want to choose a type of door that is versatile enough to be used in all the rooms.

For example, overhead or sliding doors are great for a corporate office setting but might be too large for a training room, if you’re unsure about the purpose of your meeting rooms, you can always ask your employees or clients.

They might be able to suggest other uses for the rooms besides just meetings, if you want to be sure that your internal meeting room doors effectively facilitate meetings, you need to consider the purpose of the room plus the purpose of the room will help you decide on the best meeting room door for your office.


Choose the Right Type of Door for Your Needs

When you’re choosing the right meeting room door for your office, you have to consider the different types of meeting room doors available and the purpose of each, if you have smaller meeting rooms that host only one or two people at a time, a wall-mounted door might be a better option.

These types of meeting room doors are typically smaller and unobtrusive, so they don’t take up much space in the room, if you have a larger meeting room with more than two people, overhead meeting room doors are a great option.

They can accommodate large groups of people and offer excellent sound insulation, if you have a smaller team that does not require the sound isolation of an overhead door, a sliding meeting room door is a great choice.

When choosing the right type of meeting room door, you also want to consider the purposes of the other meeting rooms in the office, if you don’t want sound from your internal meeting room to carry into another room, you’ll want to choose a door that is quieter than one that is designed for sound isolation.