Reasons Why English Proficiency Is Critical in Today’s World

English is a widely spoken language which almost everyone of us already know. Research shows that about 20% of the world’s population is speaking English. But the interesting fact is that the majority of these speakers are not native English speakers. English is the first language of just approximately 360 million individuals. 

Given English’s widespread use in daily communication, education, industry, and entertainment, it’s unsurprising that individuals of all other nations are trying to find their way out by learning English and choosing to take online english course (كورس انجليزي اونلاين).

English Is the International Language of Communication

Numerous reasons contribute to the English language’s importance for communication in the recent era we are living. Know that the people who do not speak English as a first language, even for them, English is quite an important subject and they choose it as their second language.

In this way, two individuals from different nations can now converse in English. To have a fluent conversation in English, you can take courses as well or choose English Conversation Course.


If you go over the tons of web pages onthe internet,you will see that most of them are in English. Even websites in other languages often provide a translation option. 

Thus, English is the undisputed winner when it comes to the internet. As this recent generation spend so much of their time on internet to browse verities of pages, they must know English to understand and utilize them in their favor. 

The quantity of educational material available on the internet is probably much more strongly biased toward English supremacy, since the contemporary world of research and academia prefers English.

In the academic sector

English is very important in the educational sector. Many nations teach and encourage youngsters to acquire English as a second language. English is often considered to be the language of advanced education because it will ultimately help them to have a great career. Numerous prominent colleges worldwide are English-speaking institutions and you should also consider having English Language Course.

International Travel is Beneficial

These days not only for jobs, but also for entertainment purposes, people tend to visit many foreign lands. Having a strong command of the English language makes traveling the world simpler. English is the primary worldwide common language for foreigners. And that’s why knowing English will make it simple to get guidance and support in many areas of the globe.

Not only is English advantageous for tourism, but it is also the language of many multinational events that are being held for the industrial purposes. You can attend many international conferences, contests, and many more things where you will need to know English to understand what is going on.

Even if you are not actively trying to improve your basic knowledge of English, you may find it beneficial to remember a few English phrases that we often use. Especially, while traveling you will get to utilize those phrases and you can also navigate well in that way.