Pros and cons of an Open vs closed Vape System

The following are pros and cons that you will come across when using the open and closed vape system. Understand theme then choose what you think will be best for you.

Pros and cons of open vape system

With the disposable vape and non disposable vape systems available in the market, it is important to know the pros and cons of open vape system. With that, you will make up your mind if that is what you want or you want something different. 

The open vape systems which comprises mostly of the vaporizers aka vape pens but also known to mods and sub-ohms, are reusable and thus, not disposable devices. They might be better than the Disposable vapeif you want to save on some cash of buying it. Once the e-liquid is over, you just have to top it up. 

They are known to give the user the freedom of choosing their own flavor of e-juiceand the strength of the nicotine which are very important aspects for the vapers.  With the open system devices, they tend to also have a stronger batter which denotes that, they will deliver a vape experience which is fuller.  The open systems devices give a cloud production that is quite big and thus, if you have a desire of fatter, richer clouds, then the open system might be the best bet in the form of a mod or sub-ohm.

On the negative, the open vape systems are work. You have to do regular cleaning and ensure to maintain the device so that it functions smoothly. They are more cumbersome and bigger and modes in particular present a complexity level. As a newbie, you will have to acquaint yourself with the vaping basics before you can start to vape using the open system.

The experience of an open e-cig can be underwhelming or harsh if you happen not to be careful and thus, even more to go through the curve of learning, choosing the right e-liquid for the device, to ensure that your wicks happen to be primed so that they don’t dry, choose the correct battery and much more.

Pros and cons of a closed vape system 

The closed e-cig system are simple devices for vaping which come ready to vape. There is no refilling hassle of the juice and thus, no e-liquid to keep carrying around or to create a mess whenever the cartridge happens to run out.

Once you are done with the closed vape device, you have to throw it away and plug in another one. They are disposable vape. You will keep heating the unit unlike before when you had to dispose the entire device.

The closed vape system like pod vapes tend to be quite satisfying when it comes to the factor of nicotine. Though small but they will make great use of nicotine salts which deliver more satisfaction than with the regular e-juice which utilizes the freebase nicotine, is capable of