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Paysbook Social Media Login

What is Facebook login and how do I use it?

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of using Facebook Login and learn how to add it to your website. Why Use Facebook Login on Your Website? Facebook Login allows visitors to use their Facebook profile to log into your website instead of creating a unique sign-in.

How to create a social login page in portal?

Inside settings of your portal, you should open "Portal pages and behavior flow settings", select login and include that "Social login" setting. Insert the below script for "Login page". Open it by clicking on "Toggle to HTML" button. Insert script.

Can I login with Facebook as a social media provider?

In ISE 2.3, we added the ability to login with Facebook as a Social Media Provider. Guests can quickly connect to your guest system without the need for credentials or registration (optional). Apple CNA (Captive Network Assistant) will not work with social media logins.

What is Susua Música’s Facebook login?

Sua Música is an independent Latin-American streaming platform. They integrated Facebook login with their website and apps. Since they added it, they saw 70% of their visitors using Facebook Login. In addition, the users who logged in noticed 24% more engagement from Facebook users.

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