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pay maya apk

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is an e-wallet app with less downtime and is available 99% of the time for all your transactions. You can conveniently pay for your monthly bills and buy load items for yourself or others all in one app. Send money for allowance and assistance to your family and friends anywhere in the country with PayMaya's Send Money feature.

How do I create an account in Maya?

Just log in to Maya as usual. If you’re new to the app, creating an account is free, easy, and rewarding. Get a P20 voucher for signing up plus an extra P80 after completing your account and sending money for the first time. What’s more, complete account users can buy load up to P200 and get 100% back!

What can you do with Maya?

Save with 6% interest, buy crypto for P1, get quick credit, and more with Maya. Save, spend, grow, and master your money — that’s everything you can do and plenty more with Maya. It’s got all the wallet features you’ve come to rely on everyday, with the addition of a super secure, high-interest bank that’ll take your money to the skies.

How much Cashback can I get with PayMaya?

Get up to 250 cashback when you pay your bills via Maya! Get P200 cashback when you pay your first PLDT Home bill via PayMaya! Pay your Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro & Sun Postpaid bills & get P100!

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