Cryptocurrency casino is a casino that makes use of cryptos as a means of payment. Examples of this are bitcoin casino usa. They make use of Bitcoin which is a form of Digital currency used in making transactions. Online casinos make use of crypto for deposits and withdrawals.

Several games are played at these casinos ranging from card games to wheel games to dice games and machine games. A lot of dependable services are offered by these casinos such as:

  • Reliable customer service for all day every week. This service is offered by trained experts for making the game course run smooth.
  • Lightening fast transaction speed.
  • Convenience of playing at any location and at any time.
  • A bunch of awesome bonuses are also offered. Lots of bonuses are offered to attract both new and old time players. The bonuses are offered as a form of incentive to draw players to the site.

Bonuses offered at crypto casinos

Welcome bonus

This bonus is given out to exclusively new members who sign up. This is basically an attraction to lure new players to the casino. Players should always be careful as they might fall into the trap of fraudulent casinos that offer ludicrous sign up bonuses to make players join their casinos.

Referral bonus

This bonus is given out to players who refer other players to the casino. However, the bonus is only given out when the player referred has completed registration. The bonus is then given out to the player referring and the player being referred. This incentive really increases casino members as it benefits both parties.

Refund bonus

This bonus is also known as insurance bonus. This bonus is made available to both new and old time players. The rate offered to both new and existing players is however dependent on the casino. A certain part of the bet placed is kept safe incase the bet loses. The player is then able to get their funds.

No deposit bonus

This is a form of sign up bonus. It is generally offered to new players. The players are given an opportunity to play games without an initial deposit. A specific amount of money is placed in the player’s new account for bets. However, this sum of money can’t be withdrawn. Winnings can be withdrawn but that amount of money still remains in the player’s account. Other deposits made into the account can be withdrawn.


There are players who take advantage of the bonus scheme provided by casinos. They sign up into numerous accounts and get the bonus from each account. This is why some casinos place a requirement for the amount of money to withdraw before granting the access to withdraw bonus.

Casinos also do take advantage of the bonus scheme by offering false bonuses to attract unsuspecting players to their casinos. Upon registration, they end up not fulfilling the bonuses offered prior to registration. It is best to watch out for these casinos as they are just frauds that can’t be trusted.