Most Important Things You Should Know About Basic Mechanics For Your Car

While we don’t all have to be mechanics, there are specific essential tips that every driver should know. You don’t just have to sit in your car and drive. If your vehicle has a problem and you are alone, there will not always be someone to help you. Simple adjustments are often required. Knowing these details will help you a lot and give you more security.

Here we bring you the most important things you should know about basic mechanics for your car.

Measure The Oil Level

About oil, the engine needs to work ideally. It would be best to change it periodically, as its viscosity is reduced, and it may lose its ability to lubricate the engine.

The proper way to check the oil level is to do it when the engine is cold and on a flat surface. This is because the dipstick that measures the oil level tells you it’s reading when it is in the tank, also known as the crankcase. When you start the engine and drive with it, the oil lubricates various parts of the fuel as it works, so it travels everywhere and not in the crankcase. When checking the level, it will give you a low reading, and you will assume that it lacks oil.

And regarding the incline, if the car is not on a flat surface, the oil will move from the tank to other parts, and therefore, you will have a false reading.

To measure the level correctly, you must do it with the rod that the motor has incorporated. This one has two marks, one upper and one lower, also saying FULL and ADD. The first is the limit that the crankcase must have; that is, it is complete and must not be exceeded. The second indicates that lubricant must be added since it is in position. Finally, if you find that the oil is in the middle, do not add anything. Search for how to get vehicle plate numbers according to date of birth (เลข ทะเบียน รถ ตาม วัน เกิด which is the term in Thai)