Miami Attorney Michael Diaz, Jr – A Bright Star In Law Field

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Yani Rosenthal who was the client of Michael Diaz, Jr. Michael was one of the top attorneys in Miami. He tried his best to release his client during the pandemic situation. It is difficult to maintain a social distancing inside prison. Moreover, it is tough to maintain isolation in prison if someone is suffering from covid-19.


The United States has already received several modified sentences about this matter. Michael was worried about his client’s health. He hoped for a better and healthy lifestyle for Rosenthal, and he got success.


What was the case?

Rosenthal was released from prison on August 7th, 2020. His sentence of three years has been completed. The Covid 19 virus has had a devastating effect on the United States, and even prison criminals have not been spared. Michael Diaz Jr tried to get as many people out of jail as possible. It will increase the benefits of having isolation.


Many in jail have been released before their sentences expire. As a result, they were happy. Michael believed that his client had cooperated at his best, and now his good behavior should be considered. It was the best time for Rosenthal to be free from prison life. There were some criminals in jail who got some extra space. It increased their tendency to survive.


How was Rosenthal’s health?

All the doctors said that the effects of Covid 19 on those who already have a medical issue are much greater. Rosenthal had sinuses and some skin problems. It was an obstacle to his survival. People with this type of health problem were told to keep it separate. Those younger were carrying the virus without any symptoms. So it was difficult to know who carries the virus and who is not.


This isolation was not possible in a limited space. So the only way to get them out was to put them in a nearby place like South Florida or Native Honduras. Many in prison were at high risk. Removing any of them reduced that risk and prevented them from acting as super spreaders.



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