Men’s Stretch Jeans – A Solution for All Sizes

What are Stretch Jeans? 

What’s all the buzz about stretch jeans? As the name suggests, it is a short form of stretchable jeans. Normal jeans can’t be stretched to fit perfectly into it, but stretch jeans can hence, there is a wide range of members who can enjoy it. 

Stretch jeans don’t have purely jeans in them but jeans in addition to elastane (like rubber, synthetic fiber, etc.). Hence, the flexible jeans.

How much stretch is required for Men’s Stretched Jeans?

It is a personal choice how much stretched you want in your pants. Leading denim companies have one to three percentage elastane. But below that, some companies add far more elastane on jeans like about four to five. 

  • One-percent stretch: Minimum stretch and helps to hold its own shape rather than sticking into the body. 
  • Two-percent stretch: A little bit more stretchable than one percent. Can comfortably sit or stand as per choice with the cloth just adjusting as per the stretch of our body. 
  • Three to four percent stretch: It just fits in your body like elastic and takes the shape nicely. Very stretchy but fewer jeans. The outlook is not so premium due to the more percentages of elastane. 

Men’s Stretch Jeans are preferred to be one to two percent.

Is it just for men?

Not particularly for males but the original came out as Men’s stretch jeans. But nowadays it’s for everyone. Men women both can wear stretchable jeans and it’s famous because it imparts shape as well as comfortable than the normal or regular one.

When you are going to buy stretched jeans, always try to buy one size smaller than your original because the stretch then works and fits you perfectly. To find out the extent of stretchability try sitting down. If you feel it’s tight or loose always adjust the size and buy accordingly.

What should one wear with Men’s stretchable jeans?

  • Hoodies – Can try with sweatshirt hoodies as the sweats will already get absorbed from the above. You can show off your cuts by wearing a tight sweatshirt hoodie and stretchable jeans. 
  • Casual winter jacket – You can go with a winter jacket too. It will give a sort of biker look and someone who is confident. It’s the perfect look for winter. The jacket will keep the body warm and the stretchable jeans are also a little thicker than the regular jeans. 
  • Skinny t-shirts – Skinny t-shirts would go best with stretchable jeans as they will give the outlook of your figure perfectly! In summer, this will be one of the best outfits and it looks superb on men as well as women.

The first stretch jeans were developed by Peter Golding in 1968. Overall, the stretchable jeans are the best fit for you, if looking for that trimmed look and flaunt your cuts. Men’s Stretch Jeans are the most sold as almost everyone can find their size and it looks premium. Every store has stretchable jeans available for both men and women.