Let’s Unclog Our Drains!

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If clogged drains aren’t dealt with properly, it can result in costly damaging problems. If you need an urgent fix, call a professional plumber as quickly as possible! Clogged drains are due to various reasons. Some clogs are due to food matter, hardened grease and scum, hair, tree roots, etc. It has to be removed as soon as possible as household pets can find their way in and destroy your pipes. Sometimes soap and hair can clump together and harden to block the drain. Kid’s toys can also find their way into blocking the pipes. You can use a coat hanger for débouchage. Straighten it out and create a bend at one end such that it resembles a hook. You can insert the coat hanger and use the hook to pull out the dirt or hair. Coke can also be used for débouchage the pipe due to the presence of phosphoric acid in it.


Preventing clogged drains

If you are someone who has long hair and sheds it often, then make sure there is a guard over your drain when washing your hair. Brush your hair before taking showers. If you have furry pets, take extra care in making sure that their hair doesn’t block the drains while bathing them! Throw all your food waste into the dustbin and not your drain. Make sure you don’t put a lot of greasy liquid onto your drain. Use drain cleaners once a month to keep it clean. Clean your drain stoppers regularly. Invest in drain clearing services, as it will reduce the chance of forming clogs in the future. Put your coffee grounds and eggshells in the trash. Once in a while, pour hot water down the drain to dissolve the built-up soap and scum.


To avoid inconvenience and mess, it is better to clear out your drains as soon as possible. Usually, people wait for the drains to stop completely to take action. It doesn’t always end well. If you have a clogged drain, mix vinegar and baking soda and pour it into the drains. Let it stay in the drain for a couple of hours until water is poured down to wash it off. If the clog is due to grease, it’s better to put in some salt and baking soda. Follow the mixture in the drain with boiling water. You will have an unclogged pipe soon!

Plungers are also a great way to fix the clogs.


Steps to using a plunger

Fill the clogged basin with some water. Make sure it covers the head of the plunger as it touches the drain opening. Coat the head of the plunger with petroleum jelly for ease of usage and to create a better seal. As the head is fixed to the drain, it is required to plunger up and down rapidly. The back and forth movement cause enough pressure such that it dislodges the clog that causes the water to be blocked. If the water doesn’t flow yet properly, jerk the plunger more rapidly a couple of times more.