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legit agent

How to check the legitimacy of a POEA agency?

1 Verify by Status of Licensed Agency by Searching it on POEA website What you need to do is go to the POEA website. ... 2 Verify by Searching the Available POEA Job Orders by Agency The second alternative for checking the legitimacy of a poea agency is to go at the middle portion of ... 3 Manual Verification, Call POEA hotline numbers

Where can I get a live chat agent in the UK?

Chat Shop – Live Chat Agent You must have excellent communication skills. The Chat Shop is only hiring in the UK, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. 2. Concentrix – Home Agent

What is the best chat agent job to do from home?

12 Chat Agent Jobs You Can Do From Home. 1 1. Chat Shop – Live Chat Agent. 2 2. Concentrix – Home Agent. 3 3. Guitar Center – CHAT Agent. 4 4. LiveChat – Support Hero. 5 5. LiveWorld – Social Media Agent.

Are there any fake manpower agencies?

Unfortunately, there are also a handful of fake manpower agencies. Their aim is to take the money of their unsuspecting applicants. After that, the personnel of the fake agencies will no longer communicate with the poor applicant. The sad truth is, these incidents happen every day.

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