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What is lbass?

In the early years of its existence, LBASS once again went beyond boundaries to establish itself as the first private Science high school, a concept that was unheard of then.

Is lbass a special science school?

Yet LBASS dared, so through the provision of adequate Science laboratories equipped with advanced laboratory facilities, and the crafting of a Science curriculum in partnership with the Philippine Science High School, LBASS was granted recognition by the DepEd to operate as a special Science high school in 2001.

How did lbass get senior high school?

The Board of Directors fully supported Senior High School, and through the efforts of the school’s Management Team, teachers, and employees, who laid the groundwork for the program, LBASS was among the first schools to apply for and be granted permission to implement Senior High School.

What is the lbass educational philosophy?

The LBASS educational philosophy states that “LBASS believes in the responsibility of the educational system to play its role as an active agent in the formation of the youth, the transmission of human values, and the transformation of society.”

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