LaunchGood: Essential Strategies for Ramadan Fundraising

As Ramadan approaches, a pivotal time for Zakat and Sadaqah, LaunchGood stands out as a dedicated crowdfunding platform focused on the global Muslim community. With an impressive track record of raising over $48 million and attracting 2.4 million visitors in the last Ramadan, LaunchGood has become a reputable force in fundraising for causes within the Muslim community worldwide.

To enhance the impact of your fundraising efforts this Ramadan, LaunchGood in one of their articles recommends implementing the following strategies:

Leaderboard Magic: Competition & Visibility

Dynamic leaderboards on LaunchGood create an atmosphere of healthy competition and increased visibility. Two real-time leaderboards highlight campaigns based on unique supporters and total funds raised. Mastering the Leaderboard involves understanding eligibility, rules, real-time updates, and prize allocation. Campaigns can potentially win up to $30,000 during the 30 days of Ramadan, excluding prizes on the 27th day.

Referral Programs: Expand Your Reach

Harness the power of referrals to broaden the influence of your campaign. LaunchGood’s Ramadan Referral Program rewards successful referrals with financial boosts, significantly amplifying the impact of each donation. Strategic planning is crucial, and action must be taken by March 10, 2024, to benefit from higher boost amounts. The new referral code system allows for the creation of unique, campaign-specific codes.

Zakat Calculator and Eligibility Tags

LaunchGood provides a Zakat calculator and the option to tag campaigns as Zakat-eligible. This feature aids donors in fulfilling their Zakat obligations, simplifying contributions to your cause. To attract Zakat donors, LaunchGood suggests educating them on how their contributions can support your cause and utilizing the tagging feature for easy identification of Zakat-eligible campaigns.

Plan, Execute, Succeed

Prepare for Ramadan by setting clear, achievable goals and crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience. Develop a comprehensive outreach plan using various channels such as social media, email, and community events to spread the word about your campaign.

Day of Execution: Daily Engagement

Maintain a strong presence throughout Ramadan with daily engagement across multiple channels to keep your campaign fresh and engaging. Consistent updates and interactions are key, especially during the last 10 nights, which often see the highest fundraising activity on LaunchGood.

Beyond Ramadan: Gratitude & Engagement

Express sincere gratitude to donors through personalized thank-you messages. Share detailed accounts of how donations have been or will be used. Provide regular updates on the progress and outcomes of the campaign to keep supporters engaged. Employ various strategies such as newsletters, success stories, and community events to maintain a connection with your audience.

Start laying the groundwork for your next campaign by teasing upcoming initiatives and inviting donors to be part of your ongoing journey. By understanding and strategically using LaunchGood advice, you can not only reach but also exceed your fundraising goals, allowing each donation to reflect the spirit of generosity embodied by Ramadan.