Know The Different Watch Types And Names

Analog clocks and digital clocks. The first essential difference is between analog clocks and digital clocks and should be clear to most readers. The analog clock shows the time on a clock face using hands. It must be “read off” by the viewer himself using the pointer position.

The digital clock, in turn, shows the time directly by changing digits. So-called LC displays are usually used for this. The time measurement can work with digital clocks, just like analog clocks by digital or analog technology.

Mechanical Watches And Automatic Watches

The term mechanical watches can include various types of watches. Mechanical means here that all these clocks have one thing in common: They are operated by the movement of gears inside, which set the hands in motion. The gears are brought about either by hand winding or by moving the wrist (which happens automatically when worn). Watches such as Rolex watches (นาฬิกา Rolex which is the term in Thai)that are wound by moving the wrist are called automatic watches.


All watches with a stopwatch function are referred to as chronographs. Chronographs are therefore an option, especially for athletes who like to document their training times. At the same time, more noble models still look very chic and can certainly be worn in offices. Incidentally, the term chronograph should not be confused with a chronometer. The former is used to designate special timepieces that run with the highest precision.

Pilot Watches

The design of pilot’s watches was once specially tailored to the needs of pilots. Today, however, they are also preferred by men in everyday life, but also by women.

Pilot watches usually come with a large case with an easily legible dial. Additional functions such as a speedometer (total station), a stopwatch function, or display windows for several time zones are also installed.

The Diving Watch

Like pilot watches, diving watches were originally made for use underwater and had a long history of development behind them. They have also been worn for a long time as normal wristwatches in everyday life. The practical thing about diving watches is that they are usually waterproof up to 100 meters. In addition, there is usually a luminous time display and a rotating bezel. With their help, the length of the dive can be determined and read off.