Is Carbon Fiber Sunglasses Perfect For Your Face?

Knowing your face shape while selecting the finest sunglasses can help you appear your best at all times. There are seven types of face shapes that include square, round, heart, oblong, oval, and triangle. The most common shape of the face is square, followed by oblong and oval. One of the most effective methods to know your face shape is to simply outline your face form on the mirror with lipstick or a marker. Once you’ve determined your face shape, then you can now start your search for the right pair of carbon fiber sunglasses.

Different Types of Face Shapes

Being aware of the different types of face shapes will make it easier for you to find a pair of sunglasses that will suit you. As you can see, sunglasses are widely available in different styles that will make it hard for you to decide which one to have. Yet, if you know what particular sunglasses fit your face then shopping for a new pair of sunglasses would be easy. Here are the common face shapes that you should know.

  • Angular features and a square jaw are characteristic of a person who has a square face. The ideal types of sunglasses for this face shape are those with round or oval frames.
  • People with oval faces are fortunate in that most frame forms complement their features. Geometrically designed frames give angles to a face that is already soft. The only thing that people with oval features should be on the lookout for is frames that are excessively large.
  • Oblong faces are characterized by a high forehead, a long nose, and prominent cheekbones. The face is longer than it is broad. Eyeglasses with ornate edges on the outer corners, which make a narrow face looks broader, and tall frames which make a narrow face appear shorter, are the finest choices for frames. Yet they have to avoid too small or too big sunglasses.
  • Round faces are characterized by larger cheeks with rounded chins and a broad forehead. This kind of face may be dressed up or down in a variety of frame designs. In addition to making the face seem slimmer, geometric forms will aid in providing angles. Those with round features should avoid wearing frames that are too short.
  • Faces that are diamond-shaped are characterized by prominent cheekbones and a narrow forehead. The cheekbones will seem much more prominent if you use cat eye sunglasses. Oval sunglasses will assist to create a more balanced appearance on the face. Narrow frames, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs since they call attention to the thinnest region of the face.
  • A heart-shaped face features a broad forehead and cheekbones, as well as a tiny chin making it look so feminine. Frames with a thin and round feature will assist to conceal a prominent brow. Sunglasses with ornate edges and corners, on the other hand, will accentuate the width of the upper face even more.
  • With a narrow forehead, but larger cheeks and a wider chin, triangle faces are the most common kind of face. This kind of face looks its best in top-heavy designs, which assist to balance off the jawline. The worst types of frames are those that are too small and distort the proportions of the face.

After knowing this information, you can easily find the right carbon fiber sunglasses that will perfectly fit your face.