How to maintain water quality in your swimming pools

All the fun that you get when you dive in to a swimming pool and hold your breath for a few minutes before emerging on the surface can turn into a very unpleasant experience fast if the pool you are diving is not maintained well. Swimming pool water usually contains a huge range of microbiological organisms, which include protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. All these microorganisms can pose a lot of health problems if they enter your body through your nose, eyes, mouth, open wounds, or ears.

If you have a swimming pool, it is highly recommendable to provide proper maintenance on a regular basis so as to keep the water safe for use. There are several ways you can use to check if your swimming pool water is safe or not. One of these ways involves using pH testers and other pieces of equipment that monitor various aspects of the water. Alternatively, you can check to see if the water is clear or if it has changed color. You can also jump into the water and look at the floor. If you can see the floor clearly without any eye irritation, then things might not be too bad.

Sources of contamination in swimming pools

Water in a swimming pool can become contaminated in many different ways. There are simply too many sources of contamination that you need to watch out for. In one case, debris carried by wind can get deposited in the water and cause contamination. This source of contamination can be prevented by covering the water with a pool cover.

The main source of microbes that end up in the water come from the people who swim in the pool. The human body is a source of a huge range of microorganisms that can be very harmful if they end up in the body. Some of these microorganisms may not be harmful if they are kept on the skin, but the minute they enter the body, they become a huge problem.

Animals such as dogs, birds, frogs, and lizards like water and they can easily transfer contaminants from other sources into the water. The bodies of these animals also carry microorganisms, which can be harmful to human beings. You should install a pool cover on your swimming pool to keep these animals out. Droppings from birds can also cause contamination, but can be kept out by pool covers.

Swimming pool maintenance

Maintenance of a swimming pool entails five main aspects, which include filtration, chlorination, pH level, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. If you can maintain these five aspects in check, then you have yourself a very safe swimming pool to relax in.

Safety suggestions for pool chemicals

Pool chemicals are usually very dangerous when used for other purposes other than the intended one or if used wrongly. To avoid this, you should always keep pool chemicals under lock and key away from other chemicals. You should also follow strict instructions provided on the chemical when using pool chemicals. Consider pooltak when thinking about pool chemicals.