How to Locate Your Windows 11 Product Key

There are several ways that can be used to identify your Windows 11 product key. It is important to make sure that you invest in cheap Windows 11 keys from credible vendors that have the capacity to deliver original keys that will serve your best interest. When you have installed the custom key that will give you the most realistic returns, you must know how to locate the keys.

The following are some of the ways that can be used to locate the Window 11 key:

Examine your emails and receipts.

One of the easiest ways to locate the key is to go through emails or receipts from Microsoft or Best Buy. When you purchase your keys through any of the companies, you can locate your keys in the “Orders” or the “Purchases” section.

If you bought your digital license from Amazon, you should see your key in your personal Amazon games and software library.

Examine the retail package that includes the disc

If (or when) Microsoft starts selling physical copies of its new OS on disc, you should be able to find the key in the product box. The Windows 10 product key, for example, was printed on the back of a business card in the overall packaging.

Use a Third-Party Utility.

Aside from checking through the retail package, you can use a credible third-party utility vendor to locate your keys. When you run the utility, it will go on to reveal your product key and other license info, which includes the product name and the product ID. The key that you have installed on your system is a generic key that, in most cases, was used in Windows 10. You need an upgrade to enjoy the benefits of the Windows 11 upgrade.

The first product key

What you will get through the original key is from Windows 7 or Windows 8 retail. It can be through an OEM product key; you must upgrade. They are the product keys that will be available to you, and you can use them to upgrade. The ShowKeyPlus will help locate the presence of an OEM marker. With that strategy, it will be possible to activate multiple machines that are operated at a factory running Windows.

If you have located your product keys, it is important to make sure they are stored in a secure place that can be retrieved easily for future use. This is mandatory because the best you can get through Microsoft is not more than a one-time transfer.

Find a Sticker on the Computer Chassis

With some OEMs, you can check for the sticker of your key through the computer chassis. This is located at the bottom of the laptop. Make sure you back up your key. This can be done by simply taking a photo of it, and you will be able to locate it at any point in time.

Windows OEM Product Key

You can also use the OEM Windows product key to activate Windows 11 on your PC. If you transfer the license, this process will no longer hold.