How To Give Gifts For Successful Vip Clients: Ideas To Strengthen The Relationship

There is a reality that we cannot escape. The efforts we have to make to reach different customer segments are not always the same, especially when it comes to business relationships that have a very high value for us. That’s when VIP gifts come into play. So, what should we take into account when giving them a gift to make them loyal? In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know to tell your most prominent clients how important they are to you.

How Much Should You Invest In A Gift Campaign For VIP Clients?

There are too many things to consider to achieve a number, and above all, it depends on what a VIP client is for you. You can classify them as recurring, with large purchase volumes, age of the commercial relationship, which gives us large commercial margins, prescribers of our product, etc.

Therefore, to get an idea, we are going to use a universal rule of communication:

% of total turnover/year.

The average investment in advertising is 10% of the total annual turnover. But there is something vital to think about:

Attracting a new customer is more expensive than attracting a new one

And when it comes to a VIP client, the investment we must make to retain it must be considerable. With this, we say that you should use 10% of the turnover that these clients generate to your business to retain them? Yes or no. Again, it depends on your business and what they mean to you. But it would not be at all unreasonable to think so.

What Should You Take Into Account When Choosing Gifts?

Important. When it comes to thinking about a gift for your clients, there are different factors that you must evaluate to make that object communicate and fulfill its objectives, you can as well go for premium products (สินค้าพรีเมี่ยม which is the term in Thai).

The Activity Of Your Business

A promotional gift must find the intersection between your activity or sector and the interests of your client. It seems logical, but we have seen brands that are unclear on many occasions, such as a car dealership giving away a premium set for wines (and somehow connecting driving with alcohol consumption is not a good idea).

What We Are Going To

Try to ensure that the gift has some direct relationship with your activity and the interest of the recipient; in this way; they will be able to connect more easily with your brand by having your gift in their hands.