Every coffee drinker understands that great coffee comes from high-quality beans; however, with the increasing popularity of drier, lighter roasts, premium coffee prices have forced many coffee lovers to look for cheaper alternatives; fortunately, this does not mean that you can buy your affordable coffee from supermarkets and grocers and expect it to be excellent; purchasing premium coffee beans from a credible source, that delivers consistently good quality, is the only way to ensure

If you are serious about drinking great coffee, there are a few crucial things you should know about making the right choice when purchasing beans: Exquisite aroma and flavor do not always come from fancy equipment or secret formulas; to find premium coffee beans, you must first understand how coffee is made- continue reading to learn everything you need to know about looking for premium coffees and making the right choice for your first cup of Joe.

Know the different types of coffee beans and how they are produced.

Coffee beans come in a variety of species and sorts, some of which are extremely expensive and uncommon; investigate the types of coffee beans you intend to purchase so that you know what to expect from your bag, and you will normally find three primary types of coffee beans: arabica, Robusta, and Malawi.

Arabica beans are extremely rare and are produced by high-altitude coffee plants; Robusta is the most common variety of coffee and is produced on low-altitude land, and a trip to the coffee fields of Central and South America is worthwhile only to sample these types of beans.

Read about the various roasting processes and why one type of bean yields more than another; coffee beans are roasted to determine the level of acidity in the beans since there are four main acidity levels in coffee: low, medium, high, and extra-high; if the acidity in your beans is low, they will be medium to low in acidity; if the acidity is high, the beans will be acidic, but with a less potent vinegar-like taste; a perfect cup of coffee is made when the acidity is just right — between 3% and 5% acidity; and to get the most out of your first cup of coffee, look for beans with a low acidity level.

Look for quality and consistency in your second cup of coffee.

In addition to striving to achieve the ideal acidity, you must pay attention to the consistency of your coffee; if you have a bad experience with one cup of coffee, you should try other varieties to determine which one you prefer- for example, if you love French roast coffee, purchase that variety; however, if you prefer a medium to light roast or a latte, purchase those varieties; even so, if you prefer a stronger cup of coffee, purchase a strong coffee.

Look at the price per ounce when shopping around.

Consider the price per ounce when shopping around if you are going to spend more money than necessary on your first cup of coffee, pay close attention to the price per pound and the price per kilogram as well, and if you want to buy a lot of coffee, you may have to pay a higher price per pound, but if the price per ounce is reasonable, go ahead and do it.


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